Latex Degradation

(Latex sheet and Light)

Originating from experimentations with the trace of the body on materials, I started to create latex smears that mirrored the paint smears I created with my body. After developing my own specific method of applying the latex to make the ‘smear’ I then experimented with the degradation of latex.

Latex became my preferred material, as not only does it hold strong bodily connotations, due to its flesh-like appearance, it also holds strong links with the body due to its impermanent nature. – Latex ages and changes over time, it is a material that has a relatively short life span and reacts to its environment; it wrinkles, yellows, becomes brittle and sags. In particular, latex ages when subject to light.

As shown in these photos, the latex has aged notably, even though the photographs were taken two weeks apart, originally luminescent and a soft yellow, the latex is now orange and has toughened significantly.