As an artist studying, living and working in Leeds, I have always been drawn to surface texture and the materiality of an object, so naturally fell in to sculpture as my artistic career developed and have predominantly remained there ever since. I deal with my own personal issues and interests, whilst endeavouring to represent the material being worked as its true self.

I have always been concerned with my own mortality and fear of dying, and have had the notion of my own impermanence central to my artistic practice for some time. I naturally looked for a new material that mirrored my neuroses and discovering latex, which appealed to me due to its flesh-like qualities and all of the strong bodily connotations that are associated with it – it can be wrinkled, can sag and age just like the human body. These qualities of latex paired with the idea that it does not have a long lifespan, but a similar lifespan to that of a human allows the latex to live and become an entity in its own right, it is mortal – this adds to its humanistic qualities, all of which attracted me to the material. I now focus on halting or speeding this degradation process, creating works in which this notion is centred.



For enquiries please contact:


mobile: 07808866362



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